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Knightsbridge, SW7

Knightsbridge, SW7

Temple Bar Design was requested by the Client to proceed with the Construction Package for his property in Knightsbridge.

Planning approval was previously sought after and gained by another firm, the Client then requested us to proceed with the project.

The project involves the enclosing of an existing external terrace area into a basement where he would have a cinema and entertainment room. The highlight of this project, is that external space hasn’t been lost, but in fact gained. The existing terrace area was unusable because of the it’s poor condition.

The new basement has a complex flat roofing system, which caters for a new terrace above it. The new terrace has planters around the perimeter, with open rooflights that allow natural light into the basement below.

We are extremely excited about this project, although challenging in its own right, it will surely be an incredible feature once complete.

The construction of this project has commenced, and we look forward to its completion.